Florentine food has traditionally been all about making the most of cheaper cuts and offal, and tripe is so popular that the city is scattered with special ‘trippaio restaurants’. Gutsy with your food, so to speak? The lampredotto is ground zero for the city’s sandwich culture, using slowly-stewed tripe cooked in a tomato and vegetable broth, seasoned with herbs and chopped into a spongy bread roll (which in turn soaks up all those good juices). It is typically topped with a type of salsa verde, and much, much tastier than it sounds. The lampredotto is what a Florentine misses when they’ve been away from home for too long (think of your salt-beef beigel, Londoner!); and if you want to impress a local, they often swear by Sergio Pollini’s small, cash-only cart near Sant’Ambrogio.