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Quel giorno in cui ho insegnato a Simone Rugiati come cucinare il Lampredotto Credits Food Network Italia.

Scopri il miglior Lampredotto
di Firenze!

Da 23 anni siamo in piazza in attesa, no di clienti, ma di amici.

Aspettandovi sempre con la massima voglia di farvi sentire a casa vostra.
Sperando di continuare il piu' a lungo possibile.

Il babbo e il figliolo di S. Ambrogio


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  • star rating  A local sent us here and it was so good. Not sure what we expected but the flavor was very good. Highly recommend this street food!

    Novembre 26, 2021
  • star rating  A decent sandwich with lampredotto, the abomasum is not greasy and finely chopped. You can have it in a bread roll or as it is, served with salsa verde and... read more

    Novembre 2, 2021
  • star rating  Best lampredotto in Florence - at least from what we’ve heard :) but the truth is that it’s delicious. Silky, long cooked lampredotto put into crunchy-soggy roll and seasoned with... read more

    Luglio 8, 2021
  • star rating  My husband and I were on a private food tour when we stopped by here. Our guide would not tell us what we were eating until we tried it. It... read more

    Gennaio 12, 2020
  • star rating  I have stoped at this place every time I come to Florence since they have the best Trippa panini. It’s a great street food as locals eat it.

    Agosto 17, 2019
  • star rating  This is a tripe sandwich stand. We had heard about tripe sandwiches before arriving and once we found this stand packed with locals, we gave it a try. ... read more

    Luglio 9, 2019
  • star rating  Okeydokey, I’ll be the first to admit that I had never tried tripe. We were on a private tour with a native Florentine who insisted we stop here for a... read more

    Marcus L
    Maggio 20, 2019
  • star rating  Tripe is a Florentine speciality, done in a spicy sauce and served , of course, with wine. it is never a tablecloth affair, and it is always good. ... read more

    Marzo 11, 2019
  • star rating  To try when when you visit Florence, the Lampredotto sandwich is something that you love or you hate. Cow's stomach in tomato sauce or simple in a bun.

    Marzo 8, 2019
  • star rating  The lampredoto or tripe sandwich is everywhere around Florence. This, however, was not only the best I have had but one of the best sandwiches I’ve had period. These... read more

    Dicembre 31, 2018